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Filmstrip Worksheet


Social Studies  



The following worksheet is part of this US Foreign Policy lesson plan.

Filmstrip Worksheet: The US In World Affairs: A New Role for the 1970s? (For the New Millennium?)

3. In April 1970, President Nixon ordered American troops into neighboring _____________, maintaining that this action would help speed our departure from Vietnam.

9. The isolationist tends to take a moralistic view of world affairs. He sees Uncle Sam as a kind of 
___________________, making sure no foreign tyrant gains too much power and starts picking on smaller countries.

11. In the days of Washington, the ocean was wide enough to give us security and isolationism was the more sensible policy. Even the _______________  _________________ of 1823, which told the European Powers we should allow no further colonization in the Americas, was isolationist in intent.

13. In WW1, we tried hard to remain _______________ for three years. But we finally joined the fight against Germany, and our intervention was decisive. We would “help make the world safe for democracy.”

14. The Treaty of Versailles, drafted by the four Allied leaders, including President Wilson,  was not the just peace we had fought for. many Americans were disillusioned. They regretted that we had ever entered the war. The US did not ratify the treaty, refused to join the ___________ ___ __________, and went back to a policy of isolationism.

17. December 7, 1941, Americans were shocked and infuriated by the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. 
The following Day the President addressed the nation. Once again, America was involved in a world war — this time for the _____________ ______________. And once again, American strength and know-how would prove decisive. 

21. Only one nation was strong enough to stand up to Stalin and help restore the balance of power.
So in 1947, President Truman and his secretary of State, George Marshall, reacted to the new world situation by proposing policies which abandoned the historic American policy of non-alliance in peacetime. The ___________  ____________________ was intended primarily to save Greece and Turkey from the Communists. It succeeded.

22. American assistance under the Marshall plan helped _______________ rebuild its wartorn economy.

25. A new kind of war was underway: the Cold War. Our policy of Containment — to stop the Communist advance — was built on a series of __________________: First NATO, and later on CENTO and SEATO.

26. In 1950 the Cold War turned hot. Communists invaded ____________  ____________ in a clear cut case of aggression.

27. In the 1960s, we again became involved in warfare in a divided Asian country. The ______________  __________ turned out to be even more costly in terms of American lives. 

30. President Nixon decided to modify the Truman Doctrine of intervening to contain communism everywhere in the world. He announced a new Nixon doctrine: “The US will participate in the defense and development of friends and allies, but we will not and cannot undertake the defense of the free nations… We will help where it makes a real difference and is considered in our ______________.

40. The time has come for America to take a good look at the world and at itself. To begin with, what should our national _________________ be?

43. The Communists are no longer united. Since the first defection of President Tito’s _______________________ in 1948, local nationalism in eastern Europe has never ceased to create serious problems for the Soviet Union. 

49. In the Middle East, the Soviets are realizing an age-long ambition of expanding their influence. the Middle East situation between Israel and the Arabs has been made more explosive as the Soviets continue to supply the Arabs with sophisticated ______________________, pilots, and technicians.

54. The United Nations, for all its accomplishments, has not been able to solve any of the conflicts we have been discussing. Is there anything we can do to make the international organization a stronger force for ______________ ______________?

60. One of the crucial problems facing the country’s leadership is: How far should we go in seeking agreements with _______________________ powers?

61. Another crucial problem is: what should be our policy regarding aid to foreign countries? Poverty in the __________________ nations is the chief source of world unrest. Let’s give help to all who need it….

Word Bank

World Peace
South Korea.
Vietnam War
Monroe Doctrine
“Four Freedoms”
Truman Doctrine
League of Nations

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