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Here students hold a mock election after preparing a report on voting and the current presidential election


Social Studies  



Title – Get Out the Vote!
By – Colette P. Thompson
Primary Subject – Social Studies
Grade Level – 3rd Grade


    Civic Responsibility

1R – Connect:

    Teacher and students have a round table discussion about the act of voting.

1L – Attend:

      Students discuss the concepts and listen to a book that discusses the voting process –


    by Eileen Christelow.

2R – Imagine:

    Students are asked to think about having an election and what would be involved – who would be the candidates, what are the issues, what do the candidates have to offer, etc.

2L – Inform:

    Teacher writes vocabulary related to the concept on the board, loosely relating different ideas and eliciting correct vocabulary to name various concepts. Teacher tells students that they will prepare a report on voting and this year’s presidential election.

3L – Practice:

    Students are to define all terms presented. They will create a title for their report, narrowing down their topic. They will conduct research using the Internet, newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, interviews of family and friends and other sources of information.

3R – Extend:

      Students will gather all information and present it in report form. (Teacher will present report format from the

Write On Track Handbook

    , guiding students in writing their reports. Students will complete worksheets, giving them practice in preparing reports before they begin to write their products.) Students will set up a mock election for the class, choosing candidates, registering to vote, making speeches, having a debate, preparing a ballot box and voting for their choice.

4L – Refine:

    Students will share their work in dyads, assisting each other with editing, revising, and proofreading their reports. Students will design a rubric to score their reports. Students will refine their classroom voting process – designing a method of voting and counting the votes.

4R – Perform:

    Students will present and display their products for the class. Students will hold a mock presidential election in class.

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