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Social Studies  




Title – War of 1812
By – Angela Ferris
Primary Subject – Social Studies
Grade Level – Grade 7


      Students are able to work well in groups


      Student are fairly confident in content area


    Students have completed all assigned reading in preparation for the unit test.


      By the end of this lesson students will be able to:


      List the main parties in the war of 1812


      Analyze the results of war hypothesizing who benefited the most.


      Discuss at least two people who had a significant role within the war.


    Explain the key aspects of war drawing on specific examples

Materials: Each student will need to have paper and pens.


      1) Explain to students that the day will be used as a review for the test tomorrow.


      2) Divide students into groups of 3 or 4.


      3) Each group should be asked to create an outline, a mind map, graphic organizer or any other device that will enable them to communicate their summary to others, of one aspect or part of the war of 1812.


      4) Instruct the students to use questions such as:


                What was the major event


                What were some of the event’s key points


                What people were involved in the event


                What were the results


      5) Invite the groups to share with the rest of the class.


      OR Number the students off and create a jigsaw method.


    6) Review any other material that the students should study for the next days test


      Students may be nervous about the test


    Students may be distracted by students that do not function well in groups.


      Reassure students that the review time is also a good time to ask questions of the teacher and each other.


    Let the groups spread to different parts of the room or perhaps the library.


      If the students are unmotivated to work in groups, suggest prompting questions


    If the students do not feel the activity is stimulating enough, suggest making a poem or song out of their findings.


      Formative: How well the students work in groups


    Summative: How well the students do on the test

Enrichment: If the students reach mastery, have them take some time to review their own notes OR create a question answer period.

Remediation: If the students do not reach the objectives, web sites and readings will be reinforced for study purposes.

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