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Substitute Teaching

Title – Substitute Teaching

By – LaVerne

In my third year and love it!!! I was ready to listen to my husband about finding another job with benefits. One day while subbing a 4th grade class, a well known student (always in trouble & a mouth you’d always hear), was doing everything possible to provoke the class and me. I tried every approach I knew, those provided by the teachers, and was ready to scream at him at the top of my lungs and tell him to get out!!!! The usual routine of sending him to the office seemed to be a reason to go home and play video games or watch television. I started off by putting him in the corner, then the usual tactics, and finally in frustration I told him I was through. I said I can’t teach the unwilling, nor those who don’t have a desire to learn. His response was simply put,” What makes you so different? There ain’t a teacher around that can teach me nothin?” It broke my heart to hear those words and I came back with,” I’d teach you if you were willing, but you have to want to!” Next day, I was called back to the same class and there he sat waiting as always. I was ready for round 2, as I’d made up my mind on the way there, “Today is the day!” Imagine my surprise when he participated in class, even seeking help through questions and with his own work. It was “The Day”, but not how I’d envisioned it or planned. I still cry about that young child and his way of crying out for help. He still acts up in school, but he’s learning. I told my husband about this and sat there with tears in my eyes. How could I ever give it up. He hollers “benefits”!! I’ve got benefits…. always a new child and always one to reach. As I said,” I love it!”



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