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Summer Advice

Is it midway into summer vacation already? Even though the days are longer and lazier, the summer seems to slip right by us. All the best laid plans of reading all those books and articles that we just can’t seem to get to during the school year, all the self-improvement mantras, all the mini-vacations we hope to take, the workshops that sound oh so interesting- somehow we get to the end of the summer and just when we begin to feel rested enough to tackle our list of summer plans, it is time to begin another school year. Time to put our personal intentions aside and ready ourselves to meet the needs of a whole new group of students. Summer days are oh so precious and can do so much in the way of revitalizing our inner resources.   Take stock of where you are in your summer.  Take the time to do the things that you really hoped to accomplish this summer season.  Take care of you.  Do as much as you want, or as little.  But plan to reach August with no regrets.  As educators we need to be whole and centered to meet the demands of the profession.  Wring every drop of enjoyment and rest from this summer season! Live the advice that you would give to your students!

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