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Summer Vacation

Only  a few days into summer vacation and already the thought of school is far behind!  The frenzy that is the last few weeks of school can leave educators drained and empty, so the summer is not just a respite from teaching, but a chance to recharge, re-boot and replenish that creative well that nourishes us all year long.  In a few days I will be visiting family on the east coast and while there I will have the opportunity to visit the High School of Art and Design in Brooklyn, New York.  (watch for an upcoming article!)  I will be looking forward to hearing their best practices regarding projects, curriculum design, and current trends and issues facing us in arts education. It is always interesting to compare issues coast to coast. After that I will be teaching young students during the month of July at my own studio- a combo curriculum, all creatively based but including science, social studies, writing and art.  The kids love it because they are learning while having fun.  What a novel idea- fun learning.  Why haven ‘t public schools thought of that?? Although teaching at the studio involves work, the kids are so enthusiastic and energetic that the experience revives me and readies me for another tough year of high school madness. 

What will you be doing this summer to replenish yourself?  Vacation?  Study?  Share your plans and thoughts and how best to revitalize our creative selves in the weeks ahead!

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