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Our local paper recently published a front page list of the Ten Silicon Valley Superstars.  Every single choice was an individual tied to technology.  Not one artist, not one teacher. 

From the author ‘s perspective, innovation only seems to happen in connection with technology.  World contributions are only worthy of recognition in connection with technology. It seems that technology, instead of being viewed as a means to an end, has now become, not only the end, but the living end.  Money that had once been slated for arts education in public schools is being used to purchase “Smart Boards” and electronic books. 

Besides padding the pockets of tech stock holders, what positive effect is all this technology having on students?  Is it me, or do others feel too that technology has taken an unbalanced precedence over all other creative contributions to mankind?  Am I alone in wishing that the paper had included a wider selection of talent to make the Top Ten Superstar list? Regarding where technology is concerned, is anyone else concerned that we seem to be missing the forest for the trees?

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