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Taking Your Students to New Heights!

Title – Taking Your Students to New Heights!

By – Perry Thomas Lopez

Note from This inspirational message refers to an earlier submission by this remarkable man. Click


to read about his Wright Brother’s and Brooklyn Bridge projects.

Hello Fellow Colleagues,

First of all, I would like to thank the teachers that were kind enough to E-Mail me and give me such wonderful feedback. I met many interesting people, such as new teachers, engineers and relatives of the Wright Brother’s family. A website was made for my students and I by John Latz, a representative of the Wright Brother’s Organization

Although I completed this 70 lb. replica of the 1903 Flyer in the classroom a few years ago, I could see my students glowing with enthusiasm as though it was yesterday.

Last year, I built a fifteen-foot replica of the Brooklyn Bridge with my students. A representative of the Port Authority of NY was scheduled to pay us a visit; unfortunately, the bridge had to be dismantled before his/her visit, to allow for more space within our school cafeteria.

This year, my students and I are constructing a full size mechanical replica of a Great White Shark. I plan to install a rotating head and tail electronically-I’m also a licensed electrician. In June, my students will perform Romeo & Juliet on stage. A professional crew is currently filming both projects.

This past Wednesday, April 16, My students entered BRONXNET, a cable company, and spoke about the Great White Shark Project during a real taping session. My students were interviewing each other, ‘manning’ the cameras and operating technical equipment within the sound/editing room. This was thrilling!

I always said that teaching is the most rewarding job in the world. I try to instill the same values that I acquired as a child through caring parents and Catholic school upbringing. I am forever grateful to my own parents for their sacrifices and labors of love.

In the next inspirational message I will submit, I will explain to you how I plan to use my athletic background as a resource, so that others in my community could benefit. I am a former member of Puerto Rico’s National Racquetball Team for seven years. I am nationally certified as a Racquetball Instructor by Jim Winterton, former USA Team coach. My extensive traveling over the years; Two World Championships, One Central American Game and Two Pan American Games has taught me a great deal about various cultures. As a NYC schoolteacher, I often reflect on those personalities that I had a pleasure to experience.

I currently teach racquetball at Herbert H. Lehman College, in the Bronx. There is still so much that I want to do for my community!

Keep Your Dreams Alive…our children depend on them!


Perry Thomas Lopez


Perry Thomas Lopez

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