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Talking to Ghosts

For 6 weeks I have been writing this blog covering topics from graffiti to technology.  I have yet to get one response or comment on the words that I have written.  Some would take that as commentary on style and/or content, some might feel personally devastated. 

I just wonder- is anyone really paying attention?  Is everyone so busy with their own lives and work that they are too consumed to read beyond the Yahoo headline that pops up while logging onto email?  Face Book and Twitter and doing well, so at least people are reading something!

Our daily jobs have become harder. The current workforce has been left to do not only our own jobs, but the jobs of those who were let go as well.  So time has become even more precious.  Our stress levels are higher, our anxiety levels are at the brink.  Isn ‘t a blog a great way to rid yourself of some of that pent up frustration and anger?  It ‘s at least an appropriate way.  It ‘s a vehicle to get your point across and make your voice heard.  Blogging, or responding to blogs, allows you to reach out to others who may be sharing your same concerns and frustrations.  Knowing that there are more of us who are weary in the trenches somehow makes the difficulties not so hard to bear.  So, take a few minutes to check out what your fellow artists, advocates, and educators are saying.  Say something yourself.  I ‘d love to hear from you.

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