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Master’s in Education

If it’s possible to take away anything positive from the growing state of unemployment in our country, it’s that a record number of people are seizing their free time as an opportunity to become better educated. They are recognizing that the recession is temporary, but their education is permanent. Despite the dismal broader financial landscape, requirements for higher education financial aid have loosened up considerably. Pair that with a ever-present and growing use of computers, the flexibility of online courses and a need to grow future job security and that adds up to a “perfect storm” of reasons to take a serious look at advanced degrees. Moreover, the Census Bureau reports that advanced degrees can quadruple your income. In our Online Degrees Teacher’s Guide, we offer a broad look at the 21st century option of earning a degree online, along with tips to help you find the best fit for your personal career path.
Concordia University can help you earn your Master’s of Education degree in one year from the comfort of your home. A Master’s degree could mean an automatic salary increase, would open the door to new leadership positions, and can recession-proof your skills!

Master of Education Degrees available in Educational Leadership or Curriculum & Instruction:

C&I Concentrations include Reading, Mathemetics, Science, Inclusion in the Classroom (SPED), English for Speakers of Other Languages, Methods and Curriculum, eLearning/Technology Education, Environmental Education, and Career and Technical Education.

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Ten Advantages to Online Learning

As digital technologies and the Internet have evolved over the past 30 years, so has online learning. No longer the text-based, isolating experience it was, online learning today translates into freedom, flexibility and economy.

Best Choice Checklist

You’ve made up your mind to earn a degree online, but the numerous options are overwhelming. How do you decide which program is the best one for you? Here is a checklist of important considerations.

About Accreditation

Thinking about getting an online degree, but don’t know which is the right one for you? Not all online school offerings are alike, and before you make that commitment, you’ll need to make sure that the time and effort you put into your degree or certification will “count.”

How To Succeed With Your Online Education

Many new students find themselves unprepared — the concept of instant, online learning can be deceiving. Although you can often make your own hours, you still need to do some planning ahead. A Master’s in Education program is still an intensive experience, one that requires you bring your organizational skills to the table, even if that table is in your dining room.
This content was brought to you by Concordia University Online – offering a one year path to your Master’s in Education degree online!
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