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Teaching Beyond 3 PM, An Inspiration

Title – Teaching Beyond 3 PM, An Inspiration
By – Michelle

I attended a Catholic school in Michigan from pre-school through 12th grade, what an impact it had! In high school I made a special connection with a teacher,
“Mr. Doe.” I wasn’t the most popular student, however he saw beyond that; that I was bright, and had a lot going for me once I began college. He always made sure I knew that. But for some reason I forgot that during my first year in college and fell into a deep depression, with what seemed to have no way out. I sat in my dorm room one night with a razor in hand, debating whether or not to go through with it.

Well I made the right decision. The following weekend I went home and spent some time with “Mr. Doe” and he immediately sensed that I was not happy, we talked for a while on the subject and I told him what I had almost done the previous night. Without my knowing he went to my parents later in the evening and told them he thought I needed help. Then we had an intervention, and today I am happy as ever! This just goes to show the impact that a teacher can have on a student’s life even after they are no longer a student. “Mr. Doe” will remain a permanent fixture in my life, and will never be forgotten. He is perhaps the best teacher anyone could learn from. He inspired me to become a teacher, and now I am about to graduate with a major in art education.

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