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Testing the Arts

U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan is in a Race to the Top.  To the top of what, I don ‘t know.  But Duncan ‘s plan is part of President Obama ‘s $100 billion economic stimulus plan for education reform.  The problem with any race, as I see it, is that there are winners and losers.  And if national education is in a “race to the top”, who is going to win?  What are we competing for?  Or against?  Are test scores going to be the deciding factor?  If so, how will the arts fare in this race?  In California there is already state mandated standardized testing in PE.  If a student fails during freshman year, then he is required to complete 3 additional years of PE to meet state graduation requirements.  Will the arts be the next curricular area to fall to standardized testing?  There are individuals in education already pushing for this idea thinking it is the right direction to move in.  Tell me, how do you standardize creativity?

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