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The “Art”(?) of Sampling

Recently I heard about a movement in the music industry that is causing quite a stir. “Sampling” is a form of musical composition where the composer creates a new piece of music by taking bits and pieces of popular songs, melodies, beats, lyrics, and interweaving them together to create a new piece of music.

The end result is an interesting blend that leads the listener into the composition and creates a new awareness of familiar and not so familiar sounds and melodies.  The controversy is in the fact that recording artists are claiming property theft in the bits and pieces pulled from their songs.  But is it really?  Isn ‘t sampling just like collage- where a visual artist takes bits and pieces of printed material, paper, assorted what nots, and glues them together to create a new image?  In building a technological world that includes the arts, we are going to need to find new ways to look at how visuals, music and performances can be used, sampled, deconstructed, reconstructed and protected.  The Pandora ‘s box of technology has long been opened with little regard to regulation.  Will it come down to legislated regulation or artistic ethics?

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