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The Card

Title – The Card
By – Anthony Landrio

Near the end of the 1999-2000 school year, I was approached by the secretary. I knew by the look on her face that I was about to get a new student! Now as teachers you all know that receiving a student near the end of the year can be difficult. Also, in our district the annual first grade tests were almost here!

Well, the student looked much older than the rest of my class. That’s when I looked at his folder to find out that he was retained at the beginning of that year! I did some reading and testing and I found out that this boy had severe problems with writing, spelling, and reading. Some of these problems seemed to stem from a speech problem.

Well to make a long story short, this child struggled so much during the first 2 months he was here that I never thought he would survive in the second grade. But, all of a sudden he began to catch on and begin to retain the skills and strategies that I showed him. This student was now reading and spelling on his own! He had a smile on his face every day and never wanted to leave my side!

Well, at the last day of the year his mother gave me a card. I opened the card and read the contents. Let me tell you, I was so choked up that I walked away from the class for a minute. His mom told me that she did not know of any way to ever repay me for the job that I did with her son. I remember one part of letter: Mr. L I have seen you take my son and mold him into an excellent student. You have given him to confidence and drive to learn. He hated school and education and now he talks about you and school and learning! Thank you, Thank you so much for giving him the desire to learn.

This card is worth every day of struggling and taking Advil for my headaches. This card has given me so much inner strength and desire to be even better than I already am.

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