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The Christmas Trophy

Title – The Christmas Trophy

By – Megan Simmons

This past year was my second year as the music teacher in a rural community. These children had never been exposed to much music at all, and this year, we had a program called “Forever Christmas”, with choreography, music, lights, decorations…everything. It was the most amazing feeling to see all 175 kids doing the same thing at the same time (well, as much as can be expected with 3rd-5th graders).

It was after this program that I was given the most incredible gift by one of the most incredible students. One of my fifth graders had gone to Knoxville (the next biggest town with a mall) and had a trophy made for me. The trophy was a wooden base with a golden star on top, and the inscription said

#1 Music Teacher, Love Blake.

The trophy itself was wonderful, but this child brought it to my house. I asked him how he knew where I lived, and he said he looked up my address in the phone book, then he looked that up on the internet to find a map. This was a fifth grader! His mom says he came up with the idea and design all on his own, and the trophy people tried to get him to pick it up the next day, but he said he was from out of town, so he made them make it while he waited. I will never forget seeing that child on my front porch just beaming while handing me my gift. It was the sweetest moment I’ve had so far as a teacher.


Megan Simmons


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