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The Fun Theory

I have been ranting about technology for the last several blogs, so it only seems fair that I should share a very cool website that showcases how technology can be used creatively to entice people to do the right thing. Visit and check out what the innovative thinkers at Volkswagen have been doing. 

This is technology at its best- motivating human behavior in the right direction, and not just for corporate profit.  The technology used in the experiments also centers around people having FUN!!  Imagine that- having fun doing the right thing!  This is technology being used to its greatest advantage- not with an iPhone in every pocket, or a new laptop every six months, but as a tool for the most creative thinkers to inspire creativity and free thinking in others. This is how technology should be used in classrooms- as a way to enhance thinking and talent, not replace them. It is of no surprise to me that all of the experiments shown in the videos take place in Europe, which is decades ahead of us in terms of inspiring creative thought. While we tie ourselves in knots regarding standardized assessments, Europe continues to inspire creativity and innovation in everyday practices.  As for the website, my favorite is the piano stairs, what ‘s yours?

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