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The Greedy Triangle

Title – The Greedy Triangle

By – Dinora Garcia

Introductory Note from

  1. Ms. Garcia refers to the book “The Greedy Triangle” by Marilyn Burns.

  2. We believe that she was inspired by Dr. Margarita Calderón, a popular speaker and creator of ExC-ELL (Expediting Comprehension for English Language Learners).

  3. We also believe that she is referring to

    Roz O’Dell’s “The Greedy Triangle” geometry lesson plan

    on our site.

    Recently, I attended a workshop on teaching strategies for the ELL [English Language Learners] learner. Being a math teacher, I liked the presentation given by Dr. Calderon and could hardly wait to use these strategies in my classroom. I teach high school math and LEP [Limited English Proficiency] students in the area of geometry.

    Then, I came upon Ron’s [Roz’s?] idea of

    The Greedy Triangle

    [on], and thus became motivated with using the idea for high school students to teach transformations and properties among triangles. Applying the ELL strategies and the strategy used in Ron’s [Roz’s?] grade 4-5 lesson on

    The Greedy Triangle

    , I set off to try and “transform” a dull and boring topic that was so important to my students.

    Should I say, they loved it when I read to them and loved even more the exercise that followed. I made them choose a paragraph from the story and give me three reasons as to why the triangle wanted the shapeshifter to convert him to that particular figure. When we went on to cover the properties and characteristics of polygons, we once again took to the book and explored what possible purpose the triangle served as it shifted shapes and why he needed to change into something else. And this is how I covered the characteristics and properties of polygons!

    This small insertion to the website has made my students explore and elaborate a once unmotivational concept into a concept of wonder and relativity. Now they want me to find a story to suit every math concept! THANK YOU so much for your assistance and for making me a better educator.

Final Note from LessonPlansPage:

  1. Your welcome! A great educator is always looking for new inspiration and we are happy that we were there for you!


Dinora Garcia

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