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The Story of A Student Who Started to Attend School Regularly and Willingly

Title – The Story of A Student Who Started to Attend School Regularly and Willingly

By – Ms. Felton

Hello everyone. Unlike quite a few of you all, I am a new teacher. This is my very first year of teaching. I am not sure about how it is with you when you first became teachers, but I was given a group that needed extra help. That’s fine with me. I am grateful to be able to work with students with whom I can really see where I am having an impact.

The story that I wanted to share with you is about one of my students who appears to be shy by nature. He is a quiet student and he hardly ever speaks his mind. I was informed that in his previous class, he was absent a lot of the time. His grandparent and others informed me that he was not happy at school at first. His grandmother then made it known to me that he now enjoys school and does not want to miss a day. I was so happy to hear that. It made me happy because going into my first year of teaching with a staff that has very good workers on board, made me a little self-conscious. That alleviated a little of the stress. Needless to say, since that student has been here, he may have missed 1 or 2 days and his grandmother says that he wants to come even when he has the opportunity to stay home. That makes you feel real good when you see results right at the moment.


Ms. Felton

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