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Think About Your Son

Title – Think About Your Son

By – Gladys Acosta

Think About Your Son Inspirational Poem:

    This is a poem I wrote a few years ago about a young man in my class. He was about 14 years old, very angry with the world and the epitome of a future dropout. One day I lost my temper and challenged him to think about his own children in the future and what he would have to offer them. I went home feeling defeated that day. I was surprised at what happened after that.

    He struts himself in

    with another late pass

    at about half past nine A.M.

    The pass is signed

    by the teacher whose class

    he hates even more than mine.

    He does not know

    he’s smarter than he thinks.

    All he knows to say

    is that school really stinks.

    As usual he’s angry about

    one thing or another.

    He can’t think of anything

    else but getting even

    with his drunken mother.

    He says that school doesn’t

    change anything for him.

    His dad is dead,

    dead as can be.

    He just wants us

    to let him be.

    I want to give him a pass

    to let him visit himself

    inside his soul,

    so that he can see

    what I see.

    I wish I could

    ease his pain,

    but every attempt has been in vain.

    Today I blew my cool

    and almost threw him

    out of school.

    He danced the pity dance

    and asked me

    for another chance

    This is who I am, he says.

    I am angry; I am my father’s

    only son and he left me with her.

    I asked him to think about

    what he had just said.

    Do you want my pity?

    You are not going to get it,

    because I am thinking about

    your son or child.

    Will they have you?

    Where will you find

    the love that they will

    need from you?

    After a long hard stare at me,

    he said in a stern voice,

    “I will be there for them; why

    do you care?

    I smiled and left.

    I felt I could not

    do any more.

    The next day he arrived

    to class on time.


Just a few months ago, heard someone call me from a distance, when I was shopping at the mall. It was this very same young man, now all grown up holding his little boy’s hand. He introduced me to his son. They both have the same beautiful smile.


Gladys Acosta

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