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This is the Child that Teachers Built…

Title – This is the Child that Teachers Built…

By – Rachid Khouya

When people show their homes to others, they proudly show off the many different rooms, the nice furniture, the beautiful decorations and how well built the house is, but they never talk about the builders who worked so hard to make that house what it is today.

When parents talk about their successful children, about their jobs, their social, political, and economic status and about their many degrees, parents never talk about the teachers who have placed the bricks, one upon one, to make those kids what they are today.

Being a teacher of English for more than five years, I have learned one thing: if I am successful today, it is thanks to the work of all my former teachers who have taught me how to love the ABCs from the cradle to the grave.

Being a good teacher today means being faithful to the memory of all the good teachers who have motivated me and pushed my life boat within the oceans of life, through its waves and storms, and even when it occasionally got stuck in the sand of a shore.

My teachers, both good and bad, have done a lot good things to me, to my mind and to my heart. Today it is easy to remember all those bad teachers and think about how harsh they were. But it is better to remember that I do not have to be like them and to be aware that my kids don’t have to think bad thought about me one day.

Today, thinking and remembering all the good teachers who have taught me makes me feel the great responsibility I shoulder to be like them and to become better than them, because I want my students to see me as a role model in the future.

Parents also need to remember that if their students are successful today, that is because their personality skyscraper is built upon the shoulders of teachers.


Rachid Khouya

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