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Kathleen Patrizio’s Breakthrough with one Special Student

An Inspirational Story from Kathleen Patrizio:

Hi! My name is Kathleen Patrizio. When I first began to teach I worked in a
center for adults that were developmentally disabled. The program was
located in Brooklyn, New York. I had a happy group of 12 adults, and one male
teacher assistant. Many of my students were from Willowbrook. Of course now
they are all leading more productive lives by living in group homes within
our communities. One day the speech teacher approached me to discuss “John.”

I assumed he wanted to talk with me about his progress, however he shocked me
with the following: “”John” never really spoke much. In fact he never spoke at
all, until you became his teacher.” It was many years ago, but I will
always hold that in my heart! Never in a lifetime could one person have
such satisfaction. I truly believed I touched “John’s” life in a beautiful

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