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Top 10 Reasons For Choosing Abstinence Activity


P.E. & Health  


9, 10, 11, 12  

I generated this “Top 10” list after teaching Health for 16 years, but there are certainly other reasons than these 10 for abstinence and you may want to change the 10, adding in your own ideas.  For this reason, I included this handout in Word so you could edit and make it your own.  You can change the order, or add or change anything that you want. 


You have several options in deciding how you want to use this handout.  Here are several ideas


1. Have students guess what they think the top 10 reasons for abstinence are (I included the handout with blanks below so they can fill it in as they think it should be). For this option, don’t show them the one filled in at all.  There are no “right” or “wrong” answers.  They can decorate their handout and put their own designs on it. Make it a competition and post the winners around school for others to get the positive message about abstinence.


2. Give the handout to students as is with the answers on it, and have them debate if the “Top 10” order should change.  Next hand them a blank and have them use the blank handout to prioritize how they feel the list should be.  (at this point you could allow them to change the list or add any other reasons they thought of).  They then keep their list as a resource.  You could also have them decorate/color it.


3.  Hand out the “Top 10” sheet and then each student will research and find a true story about a teen who did not keep one of the “Top 10” reasons and then had some negative or hurtful consequences.  Share out in class. (no real names though!)


4. Hand out the “Top 10” sheet and then have each student write a realistic story about a teen who does not follow one or more of the “Top 10” reasons and then had negative or hurtful consequences in their life.  Read outloud and share in class.


5. Do a “Sexual Pressures” lesson that would be a great follow-up to this handout. 


6. For each of the “Top 10” reasons have students write under it a negative emotion that a teen might feel if they didn’t keep that reason.  For instance under “keep your reputation” you might write the word, “embarrassed.”  This is the “emotional baggage” from #6.


7. Have students each select one reason and make it into a big poster.  (you could require that they have at least one true story on the poster –no names please!) Post posters around school to spread this positive message.





Be sure to check out my Pinterest board with tons of FREE Health lessons, art projects, and other ideas to empower healthy teens! 

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