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Title – Unsure
By – Crystal Anderson

My name is Crystal. I am currently doing my student teaching and everyone who has ever been there knows that this is a difficult time. Day after day I would go and teach my heart out and afterwards I would wait for my mentor teacher to compliment or degrade my actions, but there was never anything. The only thing she ever said for two months was, “If I have a problem with you I will let you know.” I guess I was supposed to take this as a compliment, but I didn’t feel it was.

Just when I was about to give up because I thought my teaching wasn’t even changing or helping even one child, my mind was completely changed. I went to school the next week to begin my placement and one of my first grader’s parent came to me and just fell into my arms and cried out, “THANK YOU.” She had explained that her child had ADHD (I had already discovered that) and no one had the patience to teach or just love her for who she was.

She told me that I made a difference in her daughter’s life, just by showing I cared and having patience with her. She wanted to learn when she was with me, but her other teachers constantly condemned her because they couldn’t control her. What a compliment, needless to say I am continuing on with my student teaching. Never give up, if you teach from the heart, you may not realize it at that precise moment, but you are making a difference in someone.

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