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Water Cycle




2, 3  


The student will learn the different changes in the water cycle, by interacting with hand movements, combined with singing.

Required materials

  • eggshakers(rain)
  • mini drums (thunder/cloudy)
  • hands movements
  • board


  • Explain to the children how the water cycle works, what beneffits come from it.
  • Write down the rhyme song on the board and introduce the first two lines only, until the children are ready to procede.
  • Incorporate hand movements that relate to the rhyme song
  • Interact by dividing half of the class to shake the eggs when rain is falling and the other half of the class will play the mini drums when it is cloudy and there’s thunders.


The objective is for the children’s brain to absorb the rhyme song by relating to it with body movements, keeping a steady beat and also by playing the musical instruments.

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