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Water Cycle


Language Arts, Science  


4, 5  

Teacher: Samina Naz
School: Beaconhouse School System

Subject: Science
Topic: Water Cycle
Time: 160 mins

Students should be able to:

  • Identify and describe parts of the water e.g condensation and evaporation
  • Apply knowledge of water cycle by writing a creative story, creating a cartoon strip and making poster about the water droplet and recording autobiography of a droplet.


  • Pre-computer Task:

    In groups pupils will be given questions to discuss their answers.

    -Where is water found on earth?

    -Where does water come from?

    -How does water get from one place to another on Earth?

    -What happens in puddles?

    -Where does water go?

    There responses will be recorded on the board.

    On computer task:

    Research work:

    Students will work in pairs to explore information about water cycle from the book marked websites. They will be asked to focus on the given questions While viewing the website and take notes using those questions. They will be given checklist on which they will be assessed. They will work on their tasks in pairs.

    They will edit their work.

    Differentiated tasks:

    Group A:

    They will edit their work to write a story, poem, or song about trip as a Drip through the water cycle using any writing tool or their class wiki.

    Group B:

    They will make a poster using paint or a cartoon strip using the provided sites.

    Group C:

    Students will explore information using the provided websites. They will write a script for recording autobiography of a droplet. they will edit their audio and convert I will convert it into mp3 file and upload it on the wikispaces or

    All the students will use the following website to complete the water cycle.

    1)      The teacher summarizes the lesson by showing the class YouTube video on the “Water Cycle Song .The learners will listen and watch the video at first. Then, the whole class will sing along the song with the aids of the lyrics provided in the video. The video is available at

    Post computer task:

    Students will complete the given worksheet individually.



Students will be assessed on their ability to:

 -identify the various compartments of the water cycle, and the states in which water may be found.

• describe where in the water cycle changes of state occur.

• describing the water cycle and how water can take different paths through the cycle or they can use their own trackers to write creative story about the places water might visit in its movements.

Questions for discussion


  • Where is water found on earth?
  • Where does water come from?
  • How does water get from one place to another on Earth?
  • What happens in puddles?
  • Where do you think all the water goes to?
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Water Cycle  [DOWNLOAD]