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Where Are Our Piazzas?

A few years ago I attended a city wide forum on creativity.  The keynote speaker, who ‘s name now escapes me, was a font of thought provoking ideas and subject matter.  He spoke of the necessity of maintaining a vibrant arts program and cultivating creativity within our society in order for our country to remain a world leader. 

All the mundane and rote tasks will either be outsourced or replaced by technology, he said.  Our current position as world innovators is in danger of slipping away, unless we make fundamental changes that put the arts and creativity at the center of all that we do.  “Where are our piazzas?” he proclaimed. Where are our centers for cultural interaction? Yes, where are they?  Piazzas in Europe  have historically been the center of the city providing a cultural gathering place for the arts, ideas, exchanges, and growth.  Where do we gather?  Where are our arts centers where creativity has free reign?  Have we traded plazas of exchange for social networking sites?  Are Face Book and My Space the piazzas of today?  Where are our piazzas?

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