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Women in History Pageant


Art, Language Arts, Social Studies  


6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12  

Written Portion:

I. Figurative Language Piece: Group must create an 11 x 14″ poster utilizing a metaphor or simile that represents their historical figure’s role in our society

II. Artistic Piece: Group must create a large collage that represents the woman’s accomplishments and or personality.

III. Geographical Piece: Each group must create a state/country map of the historical figure’s state or country of origin

IV. Biographical Piece: Group must create 3 original questions and answers from their research for their historical figure to answer

Performance Portion:

The pageant is held in the school’s auditorium with 15-20 women being represented with groups of 5-7 students each.  We have a Master of Ceremonies to introduces each group and a panel of judges to judge the performances.  As the groups are called up on stage(in the birth order of the women being portrayed), a pre-recorded song, chosen by the group, is played to represent the woman they are portraying.  For instance, “Born to Run” by Bruce Springsteen could be chosen for Florence Griffith Joyner or “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad” for Harriet Tubman.  As the group comes on stage, they first perform an interview in which some group members pretend to be from radio, tv, magazines etc. and one group member pretends to be the woman in history.  After they have completed the interview portion, they move to center stage to perform an original poem, song, or skit they have created to educate their classmates about the role their woman played in history.  At the end of the pageant, the top 3 winning groups are given fake tiaras and flowers.  The next day a quiz is given over all of the women portrayed in the pageant, and the kids have usually learned a lot about women in different roles in history.  This pageant has been going on for a decade in our school, and the students have received a lot of positive press from the local newspaper and tv station.

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