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Write Your Own Lesson Plan With Our Free Lesson Plan Template

“So today, class, we are going to learn about…”

write your own lesson plan

Whether you are a teacher with many years of experience or are just considering a career as an educator at the elementary, secondary, or college level, you should know that one of the most important parts of a teacher’s job is to develop lesson plans. Lesson plans serve as a teacher’s classroom game plan, helping him or her to decide on what topic to discuss for the day, what objective to convey to the class, which materials will be needed to help understand the topic, and if modifications are necessary to make the topic more understandable for students with learning disabilities.

Teachers across the nation use lesson plans every day for particular grade levels and subject areas. Many teachers can attest that writing the lesson plan can be harder than teaching the actual topic. While lesson plans are meant to be an outline to help the teacher convey a topic, sometimes trying to write out what you want to teach can become a little difficult.

The good news? You no longer have to struggle to write out lesson plans. Teachers have united to help each other by offering an easy-to-use online lesson plan template. This template breaks down lesson planning by its main components so that all you have to do is fill out the template, gather the materials you listed, and begin teaching your lesson.

Components you will find on the template include:

  • Concept/Topic You Will Be Teaching
  • General Goals
  • Specific Objectives
  • Lead-In To The Class
  • Materials Needed
  • Step-By-Step Procedure
  • Standards Addressed

You also have a section that allows planning for independent practice. Components you can use for independent practice include closure of the subject topic, assessment based on the objectives, whether the topic has possible connections to other subjects, adapting the lessons for students with learning disabilities, and extensions for gifted students.

All you have to do is print out the template. You can keep the lesson plan filed away in a cabinet or your folders for future classes, as it will always be available.

This lesson plan template is completely free to use. Even better, there is no need to follow it to the letter. Customize and change the template until it suits your teaching needs. The great thing about this lesson plan website is that you can even create your very own lesson plan online and share it with your peers.
When teachers help teachers, only great things happen for your students.

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